Signed, Sealed, Delivered

They gave up on discovering the origin of this “sign,” and locked him away.


“Give me a sign!” He threw his arms out wide, with palms up.

The sun radiated through the stained-glass window etching a symbol into his forehead.

He said it was God. Others thought it was self-inflicted. The idea of extraterrestrials revolved in conspiracy circles.

Similar symbols in ancient hieroglyphics indicated a possible Egyptian association.

They gave up on discovering the origin of this “sign,” and locked him away.

An underground movement calling themselves Cosignos, with inside help, freed him from the government facility attempting to keep him from spreading word of his miracle.

This movement became a cult of followers who tattooed the symbol on their foreheads and built a community preparing for End Times.

Authorities searched, but he was well hidden by believers.

Many thought he was mad, until the day his son was born, the symbol already visible on his small innocent head, and the first zombie walked.

– Written for Ad Hoc Fiction weekly contest. Word Prompt was “sign.” WC 150
Photo from StockPhotosforFree.



Author: LearaWrites

I am a voice actor, an artist, a photographer, and a writer, not necessarily in that order. I love animals and the ocean. I have an AA in Fine Arts and a BA in Psychology. I am an observer, a storyteller, a dreamer.

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