The doors crashed closed covering us in darkness.


Shawn and I rode our bikes to the old amusement park then tossed them down and squeezed through the bent gate. We chased each other around the midway.

We came to an abrupt stop at an old building. “That’s impossible,” I said. “We’ve been here a million times and that,” I pointed, “wasn’t here.”

We approached an open padlock. Making eye contact, we silently agreed to explore. I pulled the lock and Shawn pushed the doors. With an eerie creak, they flew open. We choked on stale air that instantly surrounded us.

The doors crashed closed covering us in darkness. We screamed as we pounded on the doors that wouldn’t budge.

“Trespassers!” A thundering voice shouted from everywhere in the blackness. We screamed again and banged harder on the doors.

As quickly as they had closed, they opened again hurling us onto the dry, dusty ground. We scrambled toward the gate.

I turned, suddenly confused. “Shawn, look!”

I thought I could still hear that booming voice but I saw no building.

– Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: 58th Challenge. WC 171
Photo prompt provided by Uday.


Author: LearaWrites

I am a voice actor, an artist, a photographer, and a writer, not necessarily in that order. I love animals and the ocean. I have an AA in Fine Arts and a BA in Psychology. I am an observer, a storyteller, a dreamer.

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