Swords And Egos Don’t Mix

She was sure he was about to run her through…

The sword fell out of her hand. It was over. She rolled onto her back, the oversized armor clanging and hindering her. She struggled to remove the helm and felt lightheaded.

When her face was finally visible, audible gasps were heard as the crowd realized she was a woman.

She wiped the sweat from her eyes and breathed deeply. It was over, she thought again.

She had killed Ogin the Oppressor and her village was free.

She smiled, and then laughed out loud as the reality set in. His arrogance was his downfall.

She was sure he was about to run her through but he hesitated and faced the crowd to work them into a frenzy. In that brief moment, she gathered her strength, stood with her sword held straight out in front of her, and began to move as quickly as she could in his direction.

It was a difficult task, considering the heavy armor she wore. It belonged to her brother and was much larger than she was.

She stumbled, lost her balance, and could not stop charging forward. Before Ogin was able to turn around completely, she tripped and fell into him, her sword piercing the gap in his armor under his arm as they both tumbled to the ground.

sword-918542_1920– Written for Cracked Flash: Year 1, Week 44, First sentence prompt was “The sword fell out of her hand. It was over.” WC 213. Photo from Pixabay.com.


Author: LearaWrites

I am a stay-at-home mama, a voice actor, an artist, a photographer, and a writer. I love animals and the ocean. I have an AA in Fine Arts and a BA in Psychology. I am an observer, a storyteller, a dreamer.

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