I’ve Had Better Days

My whole face ached with each snotty explosion.


The itching wouldn’t stop. On top of that, my eyes watered incessantly, and I started to sneeze. My whole face ached with each snotty explosion. I could barely see through the little slits left between my swollen eyelids. I clawed miserably at my eyes and rubbed my nose with the back of my hand. Stop and smell the roses, they said. Unfortunately, it appears I am allergic to roses.

– Written for YeahWrite.me fiction|poetry #272. Prompt up sentence, “It all still itches something fierce.” WC 69. Photo from Wikipedia.

Author: LearaWrites

I am a voice actor, an artist, a photographer, and a writer, not necessarily in that order. I love animals and the ocean. I have an AA in Fine Arts and a BA in Psychology. I am an observer, a storyteller, a dreamer.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Had Better Days”

  1. The onset of an allergy is so confusing. I’m allergic to the rubber used on the steering wheels of some cars. (The rubber is probably used in other things too, but I haven’t reacted to it elsewhere yet.) So the first time my hands swelled up, I thought I was spontaneously combusting.

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