My Grandparents, My Anchors

They weren’t perfect. They were human.

old pic of mamaw and papaw
Joyce & James Barrow circa 1950’s

Both transplants from different states, they met and married in Florida, and started a family.

She was amazingly talented and intelligent and learned a lot through life experiences. He was talented and resourceful and had spent some time in the Army.

They had three children and four grandchildren. She taught them strength and compassion.

They held private concerts in the grandkids’ room, where they would sing and play guitar and mesmerize them.

They spoiled the grandkids while trying to instill manners and appreciation.

They weren’t perfect. They were human.

They passed away within 6 months of one another, leaving a canyon of memories where their light had once been.

For better or worse, they made me who I am. I miss them and wish they could see the woman I have become; maybe they can from wherever they are.

– This entry was compiled for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 27 – Vintage. WC 133.