No Fun

“You’ll bounce.” They said,

And so, I jumped. Without a

Doubt, I’d toughen up. “Boys

Don’t cry.” The big one said,

When I fell and bumped my head.

If these are friends, I’d rather

Have none, cause none of this

Is any doggone fun.

Children in Forest by Viktor Vasnetsov, 1874

– Written for dVerse Quadrille #48, prompt was “bounce.” WC 44. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


How Stanislavski Reinvented the Craft of Acting | a short film | Haiku Review Challenge

The Method

emotions flow free
actor and character merge
imparting their truth

– This was written for the secret keeper’s Haiku Review Challenge. The prompt is to write a review of the short film in haiku form. Click through to read more “How Stanislavski Reinvented the Craft of Acting.”

Photo Challenge & Poem: Weathered

The Daily Post photo challenge inspired a photo and a poem.


Skin hangs loose
On weary bones

Eyes look passed
The past hearts of stone

Beating heart
Beats on despite the unknown

Downtown Worcester, MA
– The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Weathered. Photo ©2018 Leara Morris-Clark.

Sunday Trees #321 010718 & Haiku

thoughts of warm days and
verdant trees fuel fortitude
on a frosty night

– On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea’s Sunday Trees #321 – January 7, 2018. I wrote a haiku for this day as well. Photo ©2018 Leara Morris-Clark.

Christmas Reminiscent

Little ones with wide eyes
Rejecting sleep with heavy sighs
Anticipation across the nation
Eagerly awaiting an overnight surprise

A sleigh on the roof
The tap of a reindeer hoof
It ‘twas a dream or so it seemed
Drowsy faces behold the proof

Underneath the Christmas tree
No sign of slumber left to see
When gifts are spied, it can’t be denied
“Santa came!” come shouts of glee.

child, christmas, time– Written for First Baptist Church of Worcester Poetry Fest Challenge 3: Free Verse (I ended up with a rhyme scheme anyway. I don’t know if it is an official form or not. That’s just the way the poetry flows sometimes 🙂 Photo from

Winter’s Morn

rhythmic dripping of
icicles in winter sun –
a slow morning burn

– Written for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #180. Word prompts were “slow” & “burn” or synonyms of those. Photo from