Carpe Diem’s Crossroads Haiku 031518

Solitude and sand
mix with salty ocean breeze –
Winter dreams of spring

– Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s Crossroads haiku. The object is to fuse two haiku together to form a new creation. The two original poems and explanation are here.



She Will Rise

She Will Rise

the most curious thing
was that she raised herself up

– This is my first attempt at Blackout Poetry. The page is from ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll.

Her Ship

The sky beyond her window sill
is still
and trees deny the wind
their bend.

She waits again this morning,
feeling forlorn and

holds her
breath to steady her gaze
as she tries to see
through thickening haze.

With sight focused upon the horizon,
she wonders if the next wave will give rise
to the vessel she is sure to recognize.

She believes
the sea
will deliver

the day when
her ship comes in.

Cape Cod Morning by Edward Hopper. Oil on canvas, 1950.

– This is an Ekphrastic poem. It was inspired by Edward Hopper’s painting ‘Cape Cod Morning’.

Fragments of Childhood (Vol. I) 2018

I have a couple of poems published on Scribe Base. I don’t see a way to re-blog so I am putting the link here.

I am grateful to be included in Fragments of Childhood (Vol. I) 2018.


Alternative Facts

A baboon of average intelligence
can aspire to be anything
it seems.

A broad vocabulary
is not necessary
to hold an esteemed office.

One needs only to convince
enough that he advocates
against the establishment.

Lies become alternative facts.
Dignity and integrity become artifacts.

– This is a Quadrille. I used a random word generator to get the prompts. The prompt words were: baboon, advocate, average, establishment.