Grand Plan​

You birth a child you should care for but instead neglect.
You have what some others wish they could get.
Maybe there is a plan
That I don’t understand,
Or is the dice rolled to select?

– Written for Limerick Challenge Week 30. Prompt was “antonyms.” Photo from

Passed That

The past stays in the past.
Some wish they could get there fast
To undo some things they’ve done,
Maybe have a bit more fun
And prolong some things that didn’t last.

– Written for Limerick Challenge Week 29. Prompt was “time travel.” Photo by JD.

Hurricane Party

It started as a little rain,
And quickly became a hurricane.
Authorities said to evacuate,
But I was already late for an ocean date.
Others might think surfing a storm is insane.

– Written for Limerick Challenge Week 28. Prompt was “rain.” Photo from

Southern Summers of My Youth

I watched her distorted face through the glass
I turned up to drink sweet tea from, while lying in the grass.
She went on and on about what I was supposed to be doing, but I tuned her out
And listened to the ice cubes clanging instead, hoping she wouldn’t resort to a shout.
I reminisced about the southern summers of my youth when I had nothing to do but sit on my ass.

– Written for Limerick Challenge Week 26. Prompt was “summer.” Photo by Connie Ma.


Once upon a time, you could get a lot for a dime;
Two Hershey bars, a copy of The New York Times,
Or your favorite soft drink. I also hear love was free.
What an interesting time to be. I wasn’t born yet, unfortunately.
The year was 1969.

– Written for Limerick Challenge Week 24. Prompt was “Once upon a time…”. Photo by SNOOPYnWOODSTOCK on DeviantArt.

She Traded The Blues For Greenbacks

The two were joined in matrimony.
No one knew he was a phony.
She welcomed him into her life.
Soon it was filled with strife.
Now she is collecting alimony.

– Written for Limerick Challenge Week 23. Prompt was Wedding. Photo from Pictures of Money. “She Traded The Blues For Greenbacks” was named 2nd place in this contest.

Purple Dahlias

Purple petals abound.
Some were even on the ground.
These flowers that bloom in summer
Are welcome sights to a newcomer.
They make a visitor want to stick around.

– Written for Limerick Challenge Week 22. Prompt was Color. Photo from