Shades of Green

You wish you had what I had.
I’m sorry; don’t be so sad.
Shades of green were never your color.
It had nothing to do with the value of the dollar.
Coveting so obviously just makes you look bad.

– Written for Limerick Challenge Week 21. Prompt was Envy. Photo by Tambako The Jaguar.

Superstitious Insomniac

Under the ladder and over the crack,

At the witching hour, it crossed my path; it was solid black.

The mirror shattered, so I crossed my fingers and knocked on wood,

Just a pinch of salt over my shoulder should be good.

Unfortunately, on Friday the 13th the cat ate my four-leaf clover for a snack.

– Written for Limerick Challenge Week 20. Prompt was Friday the 13th and superstition. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

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