Thursday Doors 082516

This was taken on a visit to London in 2006. I have a horrible memory and I cannot recall where this was. If any of my UK folks recognize it, please comment with the name of the location. Thank you!

– Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors – August 25, 2016. Photo ©2006 Leara Morris-Clark.

Little Bells

The warm sea breeze blows –
Campanulas sway, ringing
Across Greek Isles

– Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s Carpe Diem Special #216. Response to two Haiku by Patricia Donegan, “lean into the wind.” Photo from Wikimedia.


A History Of Irrelevant Facts

Beneath the dark sky,
Nature reclaims ancient ruins.
This place is sacred.
Violent past rewritten,
Disguised with celebration.

This ancient ceremonial site is located at Municipio Ponce in south-central Puerto Rico. The petroglyphs of Taino gods were carved at the Ponce site at least 500 years ago

– Written for fiction|poetry #275. First attempt at a Tanka. Prompt up sentence, “This place is sacred to someone.” Photo from Ancient Origins. To learn more about Taino Indians click here.

Our Pulse

Check my pulse, it’s still beating.


Your bullets tear through my rainbow wings.
I cower in fear and pain and you stand over me,
A coward with your guns and hate,
And societal and religious justification
For your version of purification.
Check my pulse, it’s still beating.
Check for breath, I’m still breathing.

Whether my physical body passes from this world is not what matters.
See what you don’t realize is that our oppression
Has made us a strong and resilient organism
That unites, in light of your destruction; we rise and fall together,
In spite of the self-righteous façade masking your self-loathing,
Crushing the emotion that you might feel for the wrong that you have done.
Check my pulse, it’s still beating.
Check for breath, I’m still breathing.

Your bullets tear through our imaginary sanctuary,
Where we thought we were safe.
Though I may pass, we will live on and your actions
Only serve to facilitate discussion, and bring about awareness.
We will grow and strive and live and thrive
And future generations will learn from your mistakes,
And learn from our love, and heartbreaks.
Check our pulse, it’s still beating.

– Written as a response to the Orlando shooting at Pulse. It was written with the intent to be read out loud. Please click on the video to hear my reading. Image from FanPop.

Purple & Red

Today, I will commit our departed Prince to the heavens.

I took over the family business. Some think it’s morbid. I don’t see it that way. Everyone dies and for the dead it isn’t sad. We mourn their absence, and then I orchestrate the send-off.

Since the first Mars Royal Colony, my family cared for the dead. Today, I will commit our departed Prince to the heavens.

The prepared body is loaded into the chamber. I shuttle it into the atmosphere. The people gathered below appear as ants.

I set the timer and pull the release launching the casket. The explosives detonate, and fireworks light up the dark of space.

I watch purple rain shower down on the red planet.

– Written for Microcosms (17). Prompts were Astronaut/Purple Rain/Drama. WC 110. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


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