Sunday Trees #329 030418

– On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea’s Sunday Trees #329 – March 4, 2018. Photo ©2018 Leara Nicole Morris-Clark.


Her Ship

The sky beyond her window sill
is still
and trees deny the wind
their bend.

She waits again this morning,
feeling forlorn and

holds her
breath to steady her gaze
as she tries to see
through thickening haze.

With sight focused upon the horizon,
she wonders if the next wave will give rise
to the vessel she is sure to recognize.

She believes
the sea
will deliver

the day when
her ship comes in.

Cape Cod Morning by Edward Hopper. Oil on canvas, 1950.

– This is an Ekphrastic poem. It was inspired by Edward Hopper’s painting ‘Cape Cod Morning’.

Fragments of Childhood (Vol. I) 2018

I have a couple of poems published on Scribe Base. I don’t see a way to re-blog so I am putting the link here.

I am grateful to be included in Fragments of Childhood (Vol. I) 2018.


Mundane Monday Challenge #149: Words/Characters/Books

– PhoTrablogger’s Mundane Monday Challenge #149: Words/Characters/Books. Find the beauty in the mundane. Photo ©2018 Leara Nicole Morris-Clark.

52Frames: Levitation

52Frames is a Weekly Challenge Photography Project for creatives around the world. Each week, participants have 7 days to go out, take a photo, and submit it to the community. It is this creative challenge that not only improves one craft but also enables you to see the world differently.”

I have decided to join the 52Frames project this year. The albums are posted on Facebook so I am not sure of a quick and easy way to share here on WordPress so if anyone wants to follow along “like” the 52Frames Facebook page to see everyone’s weekly entries.

Week 7 was Levitation. This week challenged me to try some new things. I learned how to make something levitate! I was very happy with how my submission turned out so I wanted to share with you all.

Bathtime for Unicorn-Duck

I took this picture using the 10 second timer on my camera so I could hold the duck. I taped it to a pencil so I could extend it further out over the sink and have less of myself to remove. I used a layer mask in Photoshop to edit and create the final photo. Then I edited the color, etc. This was a fun and educational challenge as I have never use layer masks before or even considered creating a photo with levitation. I am happy with the way it turned out for my first try at this new-to-me technique.

Be sure to visit the 52Frames site to see past challenges and keep up with the ongoing weekly albums.

The current challenge is Common Objects and the next is Depth of Field.