For those following along you’ve seen my InkTober contributions. Ink is not really my medium but I enjoy the fun and practice of the InkTober challenge.

This is what I really do: charcoal and graphite.

Visit my Fine Art America page to see more.


Beach Vacation Summer 2021

Surf’s Up

Surf’s up
And that’s not all
Sandy cheeks
In a Florida fall

Suntan lines
On a beach bum
High on tide
And coconut rum

Seagulls cry
Waves lick salty skin
As the sun sets
It sinks right in

Into me
Into the sea
With a sizzle

The fun’s not over yet


Brush the dust off your halo
Polish it till it shines
But don’t do it on my account
Because I’m doing just fine
Without you running lines
Like a desperate audition take
Can’t fool me anymore
I know it’s all fake

Convince yourself you’re innocent
I’ve got a space in your head
Without paying rent

Once I thought you were heaven sent
Now I think you can just get bent

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