Carry On

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Shared dreams like mist swirl in vivid colors. I reach for them, but they dissipate in my hands.

“I’m tired from the pursuit,” I say. “I’m contemplating surrender.”

She says, “Let me carry you and when I tire you can carry me.”

– Written for Weekly Writing Challenge 259 question prompt. WC 42


It’s The Thought That Counts

He is twelve now…so grown up but still my baby.

It tasted as bad as it looked.

I forced a smile as I chewed and swallowed a bite while holding my breath. “It is so good!” I lied.

My sweet boy did odd jobs for the past month to save up enough money to buy the ingredients to make a birthday cake.

I took a gulp of milk to wash it down.

Being a single mom is hard. I feel guilty most days for missing out on time with my son in exchange for keeping a roof over his head and his belly full.

I don’t like him being home alone as often as he is but he is a good kid and stays out of trouble. He is smart and has good sense and I hope he truly understands.

He is twelve now…so grown up but still my baby.

After pouring a glass of milk, he put a piece of cake on a plate for himself. I tried to distract him before he could take a bite. “So how about we splurge and walk to the Redbox for a movie,” I said enthusiastically and got up from my chair.

“Sounds good,” he agreed, as he stuffed a large forkful of his creation into his mouth. He chewed slowly and then frowned.

“That’s disgusting!” He whined.

“Noooo, it’s good,” I reassured.

“Mom seriously, Ugh!”

“I hope you know my cake-making ability does not reflect my feelings. I promise I was not trying to poison you!” He said with a chuckle.

I tousled his hair and said, “So how about that movie?”

– Written for The Angry Hourglass: Flash Frenzy Round 100 Photo Prompt. WC 261
Photo by Ashwin Rao.



The night Destiny disappeared, I wanted to believe.

I stood with my toes over the cliff, arms outstretched. The fog made it hard to see though I sensed the distance to the ocean below.

She told me she believed in fairies and that they weren’t what people thought. She wanted me to believe.

The night Destiny disappeared, I wanted to believe.

I closed my eyes as the wind tore at my clothes. I rocked slightly wishing I was brave.

I heard Destiny call. I opened my eyes. She was suspended by waves or fog or will.

She touched my cheek then motioned for me to come.

“You have to believe in fairies. You have to believe in me.”

– Written for Microcosms (12). Prompts were Fairy/Ocean/Mystery. WC 110
‘Destiny’ was named runner-up for this contest.

Frank’s Big Dreams

“Frank, Chihuahuas don’t need bonnets.”

“This is incredibly disturbing to me, Frank.”

“I don’t know Hank; I think his bonnet is very stylish.”

“Frank, Chihuahuas don’t need bonnets.”

“It keeps the sun out of his eyes. I wonder if they make hamster-sized bonnets. What do ya think, Hank? I think I would look lovely in an Easter bonnet.”

“Frank, you are not going to be out in the sun and you would look like an idiot in a bonnet.”

“Why are you so judgmental? Is it because I would look better in a bonnet than you? Maybe the humans would take me out in the sun if I had a bonnet.”

“You are ridiculous! Quit fantasizing and accept reality! Frank, we are hamsters, and not just any hamsters, cute little teddy bear hamsters with chubby faces that will never see the sun because these human captors prefer Chihuahuas in bonnets and keeping us behind glass!”

“Hank, stop being a negative Nancy! You have such a gloomy outlook on life. One day I will be invited to the tea party with Larry the Chihuahua and Sandy the Sphinx and you will be jealous. We will wear our bonnets and drink tea and chat about fashion!”

“Oh my god, just shut up Frank! Just shut up!”

“Hey, Hank do you think they make hamster-sized bunny ears?”

“Oh my god, Frank! Why don’t you ask Janet the rabbit next time you two get together to do your nails!?”

– Written for Cracked Flash: Year 1 Week 34. Photo prompt and first sentence, “This is incredibly disturbing to me.” WC 240
‘Frank’s Big Dreams’ was named honorable mention in this contest.




An explosion shook the ground and dust fell.

“It’ll be okay, Buddy,” I said rubbing his ears and pressing my face to his, trying to convince myself. I wished the gunfire would stop. We were both trained to stay calm under pressure, but it amazed me how in-control a dog could be when I was struggling to keep it together. His confidence reassured me.

We had to wait it out, so I sat down. He lay beside me, head on my knee. I wondered how animals defeated their natural instinct to run from danger.

An explosion shook the ground and dust fell.

I heard a commotion. Buddy stood and began pacing in front of me. He growled a low rumble and took a defensive stance. He barked a deep warning and bared his teeth. We were surrounded.

“Buddy! Zeke! You’re alright!?” Shane exclaimed. I sighed with relief and Buddy heeled not leaving my side. “Come on!” commanded Shane. We fell in line with the team, and he led us away from the chaos.

Buddy and I were gifted another day.

– Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: 57th Challenge. WC 174
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The Shinigami

I catch sight of the grotesque apple-stuffed smile of a roasted pig.

I hear waves crash beyond my sight. The clouds briefly hide the moonlight darkening my view. I turn toward the luau.

The flickering firelight dances with shadows and illuminates the feast. I catch sight of the grotesque apple-stuffed smile of a roasted pig. It looks guilty. I watch tourists help themselves to the fare.

A familiar, soothing breeze gently envelops me. I hear my name inside my mind, inaudible, it chills and comforts. The hairs on my arms stand up though my body relaxes.

Swirling shadows merge. A dark, faceless being reaches out a shadowy limb and takes my hand. The Shinigami, my love, pulls me deeper into itself.

– Written for Microcosms (11) though I missed the deadline. Prompts were Shinigami/Luau/Romance. WC 109. Photo from