Purple & Red

Today, I will commit our departed Prince to the heavens.


I took over the family business. Some think it’s morbid. I don’t see it that way. Everyone dies and for the dead it isn’t sad. We mourn their absence, and then I orchestrate the send-off.

Since the first Mars Royal Colony, my family cared for the dead. Today, I will commit our departed Prince to the heavens.

The prepared body is loaded into the chamber. I shuttle it into the atmosphere. The people gathered below appear as ants.

I set the timer and pull the release launching the casket. The explosives detonate, and fireworks light up the dark of space.

I watch purple rain shower down on the red planet.

– Written for Microcosms (17). Prompts were Astronaut/Purple Rain/Drama. WC 110. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


Lu & Celeste

“Now you know I am not Satan.”

– Written for Ad Hoc Fiction weekly contest. Word Prompt was “pinch.” WC 150. Photo from Dave Winer.

“Don’t pinch me!” She squawked.

“Looks like you’ve found yourself in a pinch.” He grinned.

“Stop. Seriously, your puns are stupid.” Celeste said in her usual monotone way.

“You know I’m funny.” Lu poked at her, literally and figuratively.

“Lu! You need to stop following me around. I have chores to do, and mom is pissy.”

“Aww, come oooonnnn, I’m boooored.” He whined and flopped upside down on the couch with his feet in the air.

“Why did I get stuck with Satan as an invisible friend?! Arrrg!”

“Now you know I am not Satan. That’s good ‘ole pops, and unless I can learn to be bad, he will never let me come home, and you’ll be stuck with me.” He smirked.

She gave him the evil eye.

“Oh my God! I am never touching a Ouija board again! That is unless it will help me get rid of you!”

The Green

Silent, in the night it came. Gliding and sliding along the shore, the green snaked toward the sleeping village. At dawn, it and the children vanished.

– Written for Shapeshifting 13 (#50). Color Green and Photo Prompt. WC 26. “The Green” was awarded 2nd place in this contest. Photo by AP Photo – Bullfax.com.

Building A Family

Mother Nature and Father Time had a Sun. They also wanted a daughter. They built mountains of sand and rock, planted forests and flowers, and watered them with rain. Lakes and ponds formed in the footprints left behind. They called her Earth.

– Written for YeahWrite.me Weekly Writing Challenge #262 Question Prompt “Who cares?” WC 42

Who Cares?

They think they hear his voice tonight.

“Who cares!?” She yells, and slams the door.

I care.

“Who cares?” He says, and leaves once more.

I care.

She screams into a pillow. He slams his hand on the steering wheel.

I’m scared.

These days anger is all they seem to feel.

It’s not fair.

Who cares? He thinks as he stares up the stairs and wonders why they fight.

Do they care that he used to cry himself to sleep at night?

They think he’s gone, but he’s still here, even though it’s been a year.

They think they hear his voice tonight.

He heads for the door. She turns on the light.

They meet on the porch to make things right.

“I care,” she cries. “I care,” he replies.

“I care.” They hear, though barely more than a sigh.

– Written for YeahWrite.me Weekly Fiction|Poetry Writing Challenge 262 Question Prompt “Who cares?” WC 133

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

They gave up on discovering the origin of this “sign,” and locked him away.

“Give me a sign!” He threw his arms out wide, with palms up.

The sun radiated through the stained-glass window etching a symbol into his forehead.

He said it was God. Others thought it was self-inflicted. The idea of extraterrestrials revolved in conspiracy circles.

Similar symbols in ancient hieroglyphics indicated a possible Egyptian association.

They gave up on discovering the origin of this “sign,” and locked him away.

An underground movement calling themselves Cosignos, with inside help, freed him from the government facility attempting to keep him from spreading word of his miracle.

This movement became a cult of followers who tattooed the symbol on their foreheads and built a community preparing for End Times.

Authorities searched, but he was well hidden by believers.

Many thought he was mad, until the day his son was born, the symbol already visible on his small innocent head, and the first zombie walked.

– Written for Ad Hoc Fiction weekly contest. Word Prompt was “sign.” WC 150
Photo from StockPhotosforFree.



A Pirate’s Pirate

I hurried up the stairs to meet my destiny.

The boat pulled away from the shore. I squeezed my eyes shut and slowed my breathing to stay as quiet as possible.

I heard footsteps and commotion on deck.

I made myself as small as I could in the damp corner behind some nets and crates. No one could know I was stowed away. It was a miracle I made it this far. I paid every penny I had scavenged for assistance, and now it was up to me.

I was afraid of what lie ahead but more so of what I was leaving behind. My family was killed when pirates raided our village. All I could do for them in this moment was to survive.

I sensed it was dusk and knew the time was near.

I had only heard legends, and I hoped they were true; a pirate who pirated pirates, and gave back to the destitute victims of their invasions. To avenge my family, I would fight back and help others in need.

They would strike at sunset, so I mentally prepared myself and waited, ready. I was told he would be expecting me.

I heard shouting and canon fire as they arrived. The panicked crew did their best to fend him off, but it was to no avail. I heard the men board.

I hurried up the stairs to meet my destiny.

I saw him standing tall and proud, instructing his men to seize the cargo and bring the crew into compliance.

“You boy!” He said when he saw me. “Step forward.”

I moved toward him, anxious, in awe.

“Yes sir, Captain, sir,” I said and quickly knelt before him. “I pledge my life in allegiance to you sir, Captain Robin Hook of the Jolly Rancher. I pledge to serve and obey your commands and do good publicly and in secret as you so decree.” I finished and peeked up at him.

He laughed a hearty laugh and commanded that I stand and face him.

“Well, men, it looks like we have a new deckhand.” He said as he slapped my back. Then he put me to work.

I knew my family would have been proud.

– Written for The Angry Hourglass: Flash Frenzy Round 103 Photo Prompt. WC 360
Photo by Ashwin Rao.

The Pirates Pirate