Depraved / Truth / Gently Carefully / And Love Remains – by LEARA MORRIS-CLARK

So excited to have some of my poetry published in SickLit Mag today!



You steal my breath

and hold my life within your grasp.

I fear my heart should burst

with the lack of you.

My blood flows

at your touch,

exposing me for all that I am.

Your light shines upon my face

and uncovers my sin.


no longer conceals

that which is despised –

within the shadows hidden.

My skin trembles

as your breath

reveals my humanity.

I long for you to discover –

unveil me before you.

With your departure,

you undo me.

My secret belongs to you.

To wither in the sunrise

is a deserving sacrifice

for the gift of

your ambiguity.

I choke on my confession

and you dare not hear it,

for I am destined to depravity.


desperation tears through the veil of reason

that so valiantly fights to disguise despair.

logic retreats and fear commands acknowledgement.

fatal weakness gives the darkness rule.


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