To Freedom

Sailing on, free.
At last in this red boat, we are
Sailing on, free.
We wildly braved the angry sea,
In the morn, hoping to get far,
Before the sun and servants bar
Sailing on, free.

– Written for Jane Dougherty Writes, Poetry Challenge #37: Red Boat. Painting by Odilon Redon. Word prompt was “journey.” Poetry form is a Rondelet.


A Sinking Feeling

“Pickles? With peanut butter? Seriously?” Jimmy was appalled.

“I may have been drinking when I packed our lunches.” He said, shielding his eyes from the sun. “In fact, I may still be intoxicated.”

“Uncle Frank, that’s gross! Does mom know you are drinking again?” Jimmy inquired.

A loud scraping sound followed by violent shaking interrupted their conversation.

“Uncle Frank!” Jimmy exclaimed, trying to keep his balance when the boat lifted and vibrated as it crashed onto the rocks.

“I have a feeling she will know soon enough.” He replied, noticing the boat beginning to take on water. “Aww, crap!”

“We didn’t even get out of the channel!” whined Jimmy.

Jimmy was an athletic 10-year-old and a strong swimmer. He sighed and jumped overboard as the boat turned up and began to sink. The dock was still in sight, so he made for it while Frank plopped down on the sinking vessel and popped open a can of beer.

“No appreciation!” He shouted at Jimmy. “That’s okay, more pickle and peanut butter sandwiches for me.”

– Written for The Blog Propellant Picture Prompt #54. Sentence prompt was “Pickles? With peanut butter? Seriously?” and photo prompt. WC 175

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