Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top

Gray Catbird

I was visiting with my parents in Tennessee when I heard what sounded like a cross between a newborn baby and a kitten. After finding the general vicinity of the sound, but never seeing who was making it, I listened a bit longer and then searched the internet to discover what made that intriguing call. As it turns out, it was a Gray Catbird, of the Mockingbird family.

Next, I was determined to photograph the sneaky little guy. I listened intently until I could narrow down its location, and finally, I saw it hopping from branch to branch. It was hard to photograph as it refused to sit still for very long.

This photo was the cherry on top after patiently stalking the bird for a good 30 minutes. It is a little back-lit, but that makes its lunch more visible.

Here is a link to the sound that caught my attention.

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top. Photo ©2016 Leara Morris-Clark . To learn more about the Gray Catbird click here.