Sunday Trees #331 031818

Sunny and 22 degrees; the snow has receded a bit, and spring is fighting a tough battle.

– On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea’s Sunday Trees #331 – March 18, 2018. Photo ©2018 Leara Nicole Morris-Clark.


Sunday Trees #321 010718 & Haiku

thoughts of warm days and
verdant trees fuel fortitude
on a frosty night

– On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea’s Sunday Trees #321 – January 7, 2018. I wrote a haiku for this day as well. Photo ©2018 Leara Morris-Clark.

Test of Faith

Wind and rain raged on –
Storm tested the bows and faith
Parted clouds by morn
Made way for the sun to shine –
Still puddles reflect day’s grace

– Written for Silver’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge #6. Word prompts were “wind” & “grace” or synonyms of those. Photo from Wikimedia


In Plain Sight


Trees sway
The end of day
Light is spent

Night calls
Darkness falls
The curtain closes

Supposing you were alone
The sudden audience you feel
The day somehow concealed
Comes as a surprise

– Written for Pix To Words Pic And A Word Challenge #48. Word and Photo prompts, word was “darkness.” Top photo prompt by Patrick Jennings. Bottom photo original by lovecatz. I edited it with photoshop.

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