What I Thought I Saw (Mirage)

I see the beauty from afar
I set my sights on that distant star
I barrel ahead without reserve
I feel the end with every nerve
I have no time for distraction
I maintain my forward action
Some say I obsess
But I just strive for success
The closer I get
The more I regret
As I see the goal
I’ve traded my soul
Just out of reach
I see a breach
Between what I sought
And what I thought
I saw

– Written for Pix To Words Pic And A Word Challenge #50. Word and Photo prompts, word was “perception.” Top photo prompt by Patrick Jennings.



desperation tears through the veil of reason
that so valiantly fights to disguise despair.
logic retreats and fear commands acknowledgement.
fatal weakness gives the darkness rule.
reigning over trembling lies,
disease destroys the false calm
and rage releases its fury
as truth plunges deep into the soul
like the mortal blow of a poison tipped sword.
the sharp blade cuts cleanly and precisely
through thin attempts to save a dying deception.
drops of reality flow with determination
from a gaping wound.

– Originally published in SickLit Magazine 4/28/2016.