Demons take many forms.
Former saints join the ranks,
Ranking often higher than original sinners.
Inner darkness takes hold.
Old faith breaks despite the length of time.
I’m no exception, quite the contrary.
Very unsuspecting, I fell victim easily.
Silly mistake but wiser for it.
It would be wise for you to watch out for me now.

Illustration (engraving) for John Milton’s Paradise Lost by Gustave Doré

– Written for Fiction|Poetry Challenge #290. Poetry slam, poetry form Echo. Photo from Wikimedia.


De Facto

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Dig deep inside the darkness.
Dare to divulge the demon, deep-seated
On the throne, throwing tantrums,
Wailing within the walls, wishing
For freedom from the façade.
Telling the terrifying truth.

– Written for Prose Challenge of the Week #29. Prompt was “humanity/inhumanity” using alliteration. WC 30. Photo from and edited.