The Front Lines

The war was over. That was what the public saw. They were not privy to the raging storms that carried on inside the minds of those who were still living on the front lines. Virtual battles had real consequences, galaxies destroyed in the name of peace.

– Written for microstories #282. Prompt sentence, “The war was over.” WC 46. Photo by Wikimedia.


If You Can’t Stand The Heat Get Off The Planet

The last of the ozone layer dissipated but by this time, no one remained alive on Earth to see the final phase of planetary destruction. The few of us carefully selected to salvage the human race, watched from afar.

23667749481_30c2525f13_h– Written for Grammar Ghoul Press Shapeshifting 13 #63. Question prompt, “Why is it so hot here?” WC 39. Image by Kevin Gill. “If You Can’t Stand The Heat Get Off The Planet” won 1st place in this contest.