In the Cafe

Fingers trace

the crescent moon coffee stain
on the otherwise white napkin.

Nothing left
between us now
but donut crumbs.

– This poetry form is called a Cherita.

Finish the Story Challenge: The Golden City – Entries

4Tbod4oLcThe original micro fiction was written in response to a challenge by Jane Dougherty using the painting below and the prompt “Far far away.”

I had several inquiries about furthering the story, so I thought I would open it up as a writing challenge for other writers.

We had two wonderfully dark endings.

Read Jane Dougherty’s ending here.

Read fmme writes poems’s ending here.

Far, far away Soria Moria Palace shimmered like Gold by Theodor Kittelsen

Thank you both for participating!

– Original micro fiction challenge written for Jane Dougherty Writes, Microfiction Challenge #10: Far far away. Painting prompt by Theodor Kittelsen.

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