What Lies Behind the Lies

Neon dreams
Streets of gold
Rainbow’s end
Treasures hold
Sunsets on the boulevard
An ace up your sleeve
Draw another card
The win’s not far
If you just believe

Flashing lights
Blinding stars
Dizzying heights
Oncoming cars
Take a drink
Roll the dice
Make a wish
Don’t think twice
Or you might
Notice the lies
Behind their eyes

The prompt is “orange lights and other lies” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 23, National Poetry Month 2022.


De Facto

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Dig deep inside the darkness.
Dare to divulge the demon, deep-seated
On the throne, throwing tantrums,
Wailing within the walls, wishing
For freedom from the façade.
Telling the terrifying truth.

– Written for Prose Challenge of the Week #29. Prompt was “humanity/inhumanity” using alliteration. WC 30. Photo from Pexels.com and edited.

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