I tried to speak
                             But my tongue was rusted to the roof of my mouth
It took a long time to get that way I suppose
I didn’t notice
                        time passed by as I diminished in the silence
Swallowed by your shadow while you took in all the light

She found me
                    In a dark and damp corner of my mind
She told me I was beautiful
I wanted to believe
Though I thought it lies
       She told me I could shake off the night and decay
And loosen my voice once again
All it took was a spark of
To free my caged spirit

You took for granted the sunshine
on your back
While my sight was restored
You raged down an empty hall
Echoes of breaking chains
                                        to keep you company

The prompt is “rust on my tongue” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 28, National Poetry Month 2022.


Ecclesiastical Doublethink

False prophets, you dig our graves with sinister divinations,
Bestow unrepentant indignation, and neglect to hide your shallowness.
Cast condescending shadows from high upon your sanctimonious mount, but
We wear our pride; our faith and love, our shrouds, and we will not be buried in the night.
Oh, I say woe unto them that call evil good and substitute darkness for light.
Oh, weary we may be, but forsaken we are not. Tread lightly when with lust and greed you choose to cast your lots.

– Written for First Baptist Church of Worcester Poetry Fest Challenge 1: Acrostic – FBCWOO. Photo from Internet Archive.


Demons take many forms.
Former saints join the ranks,
Ranking often higher than original sinners.
Inner darkness takes hold.
Old faith breaks despite the length of time.
I’m no exception, quite the contrary.
Very unsuspecting, I fell victim easily.
Silly mistake but wiser for it.
It would be wise for you to watch out for me now.

Illustration (engraving) for John Milton’s Paradise Lost by Gustave Doré

– Written for Fiction|Poetry Challenge #290. Poetry slam, poetry form Echo. Photo from Wikimedia.


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