Finish the Story Challenge: The Golden City

The challenge will end next Thursday night, September 1, at midnight.

4Tbod4oLcThis micro fiction was written in response to a challenge by Jane Dougherty using the painting below and the prompt “Far far away.”

I had several inquiries about furthering the story, so I thought I would open it up as a writing challenge for other writers.

Read the following story and write your own ending. Post it on your blog, create a pingback, and add your link to the collection below by clicking on the blue frog button.

Be sure to read the other entries as well. We all enjoy feedback.

I am not going to give a specific word count but just try not to write an entire novel 🙂 The challenge will end next Thursday night, September 1, at midnight.

This is my first time hosting a challenge, so if I forgot anything please let me know!

I am excited to see where this will go. Have fun!

Far, far away Soria Moria Palace shimmered like Gold by Theodor Kittelsen

The Golden City shone in the distance like the sun lighting my way. The clouds attempted to close in on it but to no avail. Even in the night, it glowed and it was like day.

The radiant structures guided me like a northern star. I kept my eyes fixed on the marvel resting on the horizon. I felt its power within me. Sometimes I thought that perhaps it was a dream.

The legend foretold of a city of gold where miracles were common, and heavenly beings resided. There was also a prophecy of a chosen child who would rise up to lead them all.

My birth came two years after the ship landed and my ancestors built The Golden City to make their home on this planet.

I was born in the city, the first conceived of human and celestial beings. My existence began as a sign.

The ruling elite became corrupt with power over humans and began a campaign to eliminate what they saw as a threat. A caring elderly couple took me from the city to protect my life. They raised me as their own in a farming village.

My time has come. The Golden City calls.

– Original micro fiction challenge written for Jane Dougherty Writes, Microfiction Challenge #10: Far far away. Painting prompt by Theodor Kittelsen. WC 200.


Imagination Leads to Invention or Vice Versa

Larry was an inventor, uncomfortable without a project to do. However, he promised Maggie some time away.

“Larry! Why did you bring that? This is supposed to be a vacation. No tinkering.” She reminded him.

Larry was an inventor, uncomfortable without a project to do. However, he promised Maggie some time away. So, he only brought one thing.

“I brought my night vision goggles, just for fun. No tinkering, I promise.” He said.

He’d been studying the Deilephila elpenor’s ability to see color in the dark. That’s what standard night vision goggles were missing. He hoped to remedy that. He hadn’t been able to test them yet.

They dressed for dinner hosted by the hotel. Larry tucked the goggles into a worn satchel he carried everywhere regardless of occasion, and despite Maggie’s protests.

He enjoyed dinner but was distracted. If he could test the goggles, he could put them away and give Maggie undivided attention. He excused himself to the restroom but bypassed it to exit the building.

There was a cemetery adjacent to the hotel. He crossed over and put on his goggles. As his eyes adapted, a large figure came into focus. He quickly removed them.

He lifted them to his eyes peeking through once again. Clear as day, with colors, he saw a towering Gryphon near a mausoleum.

It was magnificent.

He had invented something that not only allowed color night vision but otherworldly vision as well.

“It is interesting that you can see me. I am the guardian of this cemetery and the spirits that reside here.” It stated.

“ long have you been here?” Larry stammered.

“Two-hundred years,” He replied eloquently. “I am afraid I cannot allow you to possess this ability.” The Gryphon removed Larry’s goggles and proceeded to crush them underfoot.

Realizing the device was destroyed, Larry dropped to his knees, head in hands. How would he ever explain this?

– Written for Microcosms 32 weekly contest. Prompts Inventor/Grand Hotel/Fantasy. WC 300. Photo by Paul K.

All Who Fly Are Not Ducks

All in a row, they stretched their little wings as far as they would reach.

“Come on my little ducklings, field trip today,” Ms. Avion said.

The children fell into a single-file line, just as they had practiced. They have been looking forward to this day since school began.

The baseball stadium was chosen for the open space they would need to accelerate.

They scrambled to their places and chattered nervously.

“Benji, please demonstrate,” She instructed the older student.

They watched, ready for their turns.

“Now you try.” She said while spreading her own wings.

All in a row, they stretched their little wings as far as they would reach.

She smiled as she watched each one, in turn, gather speed and begin their ascension.

– Written for Microcosms (15). Prompts were Duckling/Baseball Stadium/Fantasy. WC 110

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