Seeking Freedom

Desperately I rubbed the genie’s lamp.

– Written for Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge #64. Prompt was “liberation.” WC 6. Photo from Pixabay.



The Blind Date

Blind dates were never her thing but this time, she accepted. She wasn’t entirely sure why.

Before arriving on the boardwalk, she had a shot of vodka to calm her nerves. Her so-called friends had accused her of being a bit uptight, and she wished it didn’t bother her. She tucked the mini flask beneath her dress in her garter for safekeeping.

Pyotr was a lovely man with a hearty laugh, and he was not shy. He was lively and charismatic and insisted on spinning her around and around to the music drifting on the wind. He was hard to resist.

“You are a beautiful woman!” He said. “Don’t be shy. Enjoy the music, the sea, while we are young and still can.”

She blushed but smiled and felt warm inside. His enthusiasm was contagious.

“Drink?” He asked as he offered her his own flask, which had been hidden away in a coat pocket.

She gratefully accepted, taking more than she probably should have. He laughed again loudly, and she couldn’t help but join in.

They continued dancing and spinning, and before she knew it, the salty breeze or was it the vodka, had carried them out onto the waves.

What Freedom! by Ilya Repin

– Written for Jane Dougherty Writes, Microfiction Challenge #15: Freedom. Painting prompt by Ilya Repin. WC 200.

To Freedom

Sailing on, free.
At last in this red boat, we are
Sailing on, free.
We wildly braved the angry sea,
In the morn, hoping to get far,
Before the sun and servants bar
Sailing on, free.

– Written for Jane Dougherty Writes, Poetry Challenge #37: Red Boat. Painting by Odilon Redon. Word prompt was “journey.” Poetry form is a Rondelet.

Freedom Writer

It has been 14,235 days since my captivity began, since the day I was born.

The illusion of freedom calms anxious minds and gives one something to believe in, something to fight for.

Rules and laws and expectations confirm freedom is imagined. The universe will right itself when something tries to defy the rules.

Understanding limitations is the only way to experience a sense of freedom. Freedom exists in the mind.

I remove myself from the flow of the world and step outside the limitations to experience true freedom.

I rest my fingers on the keyboard then begin to type.

Backlit keyboard– Written for Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge. Prompt was “freedom.” I used a quote by Albert Camus for inspiration. WC 100. Photo from Wikipedia.

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