One Photo Focus: October 2016

The first Friday of each month is designated ABFriday One Photo Focus (1PF), when all participants post-process the same image.

Original photo by Y. Prior.
A ghosty orb for Halloween

One Photo Focus: October. Highlighting the creative magic behind post-processed photos. Original photo by Y. Prior. Edited by Leara Morris-Clark ©2016. 



When Blood Ceases to Flow


When Blood Ceases to Flow

Fly away my angel.
Be forever young.
My longing will linger into eternity,
But you are at peace.

Your laugh lives always on the warm breeze,
But I am embraced by the night,
A ghost with no heartbeat,
A prisoner without life,
Yet I cannot die.

– Written for Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge – September 25, 2016. Learn more about magnetic poetry here.

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