All Hallows’ Eve

Angels cry
And demons lie.
In your bed
You cover your head
And hope it passes you by.

Dark of night,
You pray for light.
Eyes closed to truth.
Betrayed by youth,
You shiver with fright.

The whispers come.
You bite your thumb.
They turn to screams.
Are those sunbeams?
Just firelight and sounds of drums.

The party’s just begun
And you’re the guest of honor.

jack-o-lantern_2003-10-31– Written for Miniature Writing Challenge #66. Prompt was “horror.” Photo from Wikipedia.

The Séance

The séance was just for fun. It wasn’t real. That’s what they said.

Tell that to the dead guy who followed me home afterward. #microstory

– Written for Patrick Sponaugle’s #MicroStory Challenge. Prompt was Halloween. Story must be no longer than tweet-length, including #microstory. WC 24. CH 137. Photo from

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