Enter Stage Right

Break a leg?!
What’s an arm and a leg anyway?
Seems a fair price to pay
When I’d give my heart
For any part to play
Even in your history
Just to be in your story

The prompt is “tibia and fibula” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 29, National Poetry Month 2022.

History and Religion

Sippin’ whisky
Whistlin’ Dixie
Burnin’ crosses and bridges
On the way to church Sunday mornin’

The prompt is “sippin’ whisky” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 7, National Poetry Month 2022.

I Changed My Mind

I once said I thought distance was best.
I needed to think, to plan, to test.
My mind changed in no time.
I asked you to be mine,
Now history has archived the rest.

Our wedding day, October 13, 2007.
– Written for dVerse Poetics: Pentimento. In honor of up upcoming Valentine’s Day, I wrote this little (loose) limerick. Photo by Brett Clark ©2007. Edited by Leara Nicole Morris-Clark ©2018.

Grey Nation (Uncertainty)

I cannot see through the grey, through the fog,
Through the uncertainty, that fills the air, my heart.
I hear only muffled chaos and tremble.
I wrap a battered flag around me
And use it to wipe away the tears.
A few tears fall for me, more for others,
For a bloody history bound to repeat.
I cannot see through the grey, through the hate,
Through the lies from all sides, the indifference,
A dirty lens that distorts the view and trivializes the pain.
Battered like my flag, I am bruised and used as a pawn
To fan the flames and distract from their game, to manipulate
The fate of a nation.

Ocean and Island in the Fog. Porteau Cove Howe Sound. Sea to Sky Highway. British Columbia, Canada, 2016.

– Written for Pix To Words Pic And A Word Challenge #63. Word and Photo prompts. Word was “grey.” Photo prompt by Patrick Jennings.

Thursday Doors 102016

Castillo de San Marcos is the oldest masonry fort in the continental U.S. and a National Monument. Learn more here.

– Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors – October 13, 2016. Photo ©2016 Leara Morris-Clark.

A History Of Irrelevant Facts

Beneath the dark sky,
Nature reclaims ancient ruins.
This place is sacred.
Violent past rewritten,
Disguised with celebration.

This ancient ceremonial site is located at Municipio Ponce in south-central Puerto Rico. The petroglyphs of Taino gods were carved at the Ponce site at least 500 years ago

– Written for YeahWrite.me fiction|poetry #275. First attempt at a Tanka. Prompt up sentence, “This place is sacred to someone.” Photo from Ancient Origins. To learn more about Taino Indians click here.

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