Roller Coaster

I never liked roller coasters. Maybe it is the feeling of being out of control, or feeling like I am going to die, or nausea I get from motion sickness. I choose not to get on a roller coaster voluntarily. Unfortunately, life is one big roller coaster and every day is full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and worst of all are the sudden drops. I do quite enjoy the smooth parts where I get to ride and look at the scenery, though.

– Written for Day 16 of Awake August 2016, 31 Days of Mindful Writing in the form of Small Stones (concise daily observations) from Writing Our Way Home.



To Freedom

Sailing on, free.
At last in this red boat, we are
Sailing on, free.
We wildly braved the angry sea,
In the morn, hoping to get far,
Before the sun and servants bar
Sailing on, free.

– Written for Jane Dougherty Writes, Poetry Challenge #37: Red Boat. Painting by Odilon Redon. Word prompt was “journey.” Poetry form is a Rondelet.

Social Combat

Dodging insults hurled like bullets
Willing myself to be invisible
Sticking to the perimeter behind enemy lines
Ducking into the nearest open classroom door like diving into a foxhole
Camouflaging myself in groups of teachers to avoid the assailants
Watching the time counting down as I finally join my allies
My comrades and I have strength in numbers
Navigating middle school is like fighting a daily battle
My social life is on the line

– Written for WordPress Blogging University, Intro to Poetry, Day 4: Journey, Simile. Photo by Richard Caton Woodville, Jr., from Wikipedia.

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