Before Blue Eyes

A life before blue eyes
Saw darkness
even in daytime skies
Urgency in every sip
Slip of the tongue
on many lips
Chasing the trip
Down hazy paths
It didn’t add up
But, who’s got time for math?

A life before blue eyes
Saw self-deluding
Illusions painted with booze
And rouge
And loathing
I broke my own heart
Time and again
Exposing weakness
on every sleeve

A life before blue eyes
Was no life
At first hard to believe
Blue eyes saw a reprieve
No lies, no trying to deceive
Blue eyes saw me

A life before blue eyes
Was a different life indeed

The prompt was “a life before blue eyes” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet & @campfirepoets on Instagram on November 1. November prompts: Confessions.


A Life of Purpose

Sipping nectar and discussing death-
The bee and the butterfly
Contemplate for a moment
Their short lifespans
And consider their options.

They determine that
Although brief, their lives
Are full of adventure,
Satisfaction, and value,
And they could wish
For nothing more.

Sidestepping flailing humans,
Evading snapping dogs,
Avoiding becoming lunch
To any number of predators,
Consuming the sweetest ambrosia,
All the while pollinating
Some of Earth’s finest flora-

And then passing along their
Ambition to the next generation-

A life worth living indeed!

The prompt is “discussing death” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 24, National Poetry Month 2022.

Same Old, Same Old

What about now?!
I shout into the void
What about now?
I asked, annoyed
Isn’t it time?
Didn’t I do what I had to do?
Didn’t I pay my dues?
What about now?
I sigh as I open my eyes
And find that the sky’s
The same color blue
There’s nothing new
My request’s been denied

The prompt is “what about now” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 22, National Poetry Month 2022.

Copper Oxidation and the Subway

I watch the blur of green trees
As the train speeds past

I see layers of graffiti on the overpass
The most recent tag green

I pick at the peeling green vinyl
On my backpack

I scuff the toe of my shoe
Against a green penny stuck to the floor

The subway car is full of people
Passing time
Passing life

The prompt is “green pennies” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 15, National Poetry Month 2022.

Celestial Predestination

Imprinted memories of a home I’ve never seen flash behind my eyes and my awakening begins. Earth served only as a sort of nursery school. Now it’s time for my extraction, and I am prepared. I scan the horizon for the vessel.

– Written for Microprose Challenge #312. Prompt was to answer the question “What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing?” WC 42. Photo from Pixabay.

The Tracks

Watching the past pass away with its lights and shadows, I leave it all behind. I leave them all behind. Down these tracks, a new life waits.

– Written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales #15. Photo prompt. CC 140. Photo from


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