Enter Stage Right

Break a leg?!
What’s an arm and a leg anyway?
Seems a fair price to pay
When I’d give my heart
For any part to play
Even in your history
Just to be in your story

The prompt is “tibia and fibula” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 29, National Poetry Month 2022.


Present Darkness

Tears and rain fall down.
Hearts break, thunder crashes, and
The lightning brightens
Darkness, momentarily.
Missing the times of laughter.

– Written for Silver’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge #8. Word prompts were “time” & “laughter” or synonyms of those. Photo from Pixabay


Sacred Secret


Sacred Secret

Born broken in the dark of night
Her desire, a brilliant blue fire,
To drink of the cool morning
And kiss the champagne sky.

She longed not for fools or men,
But the red-hot, velvet-soft embrace of an angel
Made her heart throb a wild rhythm
And a fever linger on her lips.

– Written for Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge – September 10, 2016. Learn more about magnetic poetry here.

Three Moons

It has been three moons since last we spoke.
I wonder if you have longed for me.
Do you imagine me where you are?

Your hand in mine and we said goodbye.
We promised each other forever.
But, is the deep of space just too far?

I turn my eyes toward the night sky,
Always watching for a sign, a trace.
Three moons; I’ll wish on another star.

1024px-mond_3x– Written for Jane Dougherty Writes, Poetry challenge #43: Trilune. Photo from Wikimedia.

For The Love Of The Sea

Upon this rock, I wait for day.
I wish you’d stay.
You’re home at sea,
Not home with me.

Never comfortable on land,
You kiss my hand
And off you go,
Where I don’t know.

A pirate, you will always be.
Your ship I see,
As the day breaks
My bleak heart aches.

Heinrich_Vogeler_Sehnsucht_(Träumerei)_c1900– Written for Jane Dougherty Writes, Poetry Challenge #38: Daybreak. Painting by Heinrich Vogeler Sehnsucht (Träumerei). Word prompt was “daybreak.” Poetry form is a Minute Poem.

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