Christmas Reminiscent

Little ones with wide eyes
Rejecting sleep with heavy sighs
Anticipation across the nation
Eagerly awaiting an overnight surprise

A sleigh on the roof
The tap of a reindeer hoof
It ‘twas a dream or so it seemed
Drowsy faces behold the proof

Underneath the Christmas tree
No sign of slumber left to see
When gifts are spied, it can’t be denied
“Santa came!” come shouts of glee.

child, christmas, time– Written for First Baptist Church of Worcester Poetry Fest Challenge 3: Free Verse (I ended up with a rhyme scheme anyway. I don’t know if it is an official form or not. That’s just the way the poetry flows sometimes 🙂 Photo from


Celestial Predestination

Imprinted memories of a home I’ve never seen flash behind my eyes and my awakening begins. Earth served only as a sort of nursery school. Now it’s time for my extraction, and I am prepared. I scan the horizon for the vessel.

– Written for Microprose Challenge #312. Prompt was to answer the question “What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing?” WC 42. Photo from Pixabay.

Summer Love


Summer Love

summer storms
on lazy days
sunshine like diamonds
on the lake
smell the rain
play with the girl
puppy love

I recall the beauty of you
driving me mad
they were sweet times
a picture of us
still in my head
I like that

– Written for Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge – October 01, 2016. Learn more about magnetic poetry here.


I thought about you today
and how you used to smile
when I’d say your name
and call you baby.

I put those memories
away in a jar with your
name on it in case you
want them back, maybe

Baby, or maybe not.

– Written for dVerse Quadrille #14, prompt was “jar.” WC 44. Photo from

Lighting The Way Home

The longer they were gone, the less they felt tethered to the physical world, and the less they were hindered by it.

It had been a long time since anyone went to see them, and they didn’t mind. They understood that it was painful to slow down busy lives long enough to notice their absence. It just made everyone sad, so they rather no one came at all, and they took no offense to it.

It was pleasant, and they didn’t feel the pain of missing anyone or the pain of age or illness. They spent most days dancing among the flowers, and among the stars at night.

They lived a full life, though it might have been nice to live longer or do greater things, but they weren’t sure anymore. The longer they were gone, the less they felt tethered to the physical world, and the less they were hindered by it.

They recalled being parents and grandparents. Those were happy memories, but the desire to be anywhere seemed less and less.

An evening came when joy overwhelmed them. They felt as if they could explode. She ran her hand across the top of their headstone, and it felt so foreign, rough at first but then quickly became intangible. Her hand appeared transparent, but it didn’t concern her.

Suddenly fireflies surrounded them, so many that it almost seemed like daylight again. They fluttered around and gently tickled their skin. He spread his arms out and spun slowly taking them all in.

They felt weightless as their feet unexpectedly lifted from the ground. They smiled at one another. They were quickly enmeshed in the glow, and with sheer delight, they burst into a multitude of tiny celestial lights and were dispersed by the breeze into the heavens.

– Written for fiction|poetry #269. Prompt up sentence, “For a long time no one went to see them.” WC 275. Photo by controltheweb. “Lighting The Way Home” was named 3rd place in this contest.

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