Beneath the blue moon
A thousand ships at sea
Head home through stormy waters
Is there one for me?

– Written for Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge – November 6, 2016. Learn more about magnetic poetry here.



The harvest moon shines –
Golden spotlight revealing
Fall’s color palette
And spectrum of emotion
At once illuminated

The Harvest Moon by George Hemming Mason

– My first attempt at a Tanka. Written for Silver’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge #1. Word prompts were “harvest” & “moon” or synonyms of those. Painting by George Hemming Mason


Three Moons

It has been three moons since last we spoke.
I wonder if you have longed for me.
Do you imagine me where you are?

Your hand in mine and we said goodbye.
We promised each other forever.
But, is the deep of space just too far?

I turn my eyes toward the night sky,
Always watching for a sign, a trace.
Three moons; I’ll wish on another star.

1024px-mond_3x– Written for Jane Dougherty Writes, Poetry challenge #43: Trilune. Photo from Wikimedia.




friendly shadows whisper to me
in the blue moonlight

I am drunk on the sweet smell of
your skin like honey and summer rain

I cry at the sun
recalling my worship like a dream

– Written for Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge #4. Learn more about magnetic poetry here.

He’s An Animal

He looks overworked at only half past noon.
I know it is because of late nights spent howling at the moon.
Sadly, for him, morning always comes too soon.

You think I mean he is a party animal, who neglects responsibility.
I mean literally an animal whose transition is ruled by the moon’s gravity.
I know because I’m the one who bit him, and I think he might still be mad at me.

– Written for YeahWrite.me fiction|poetry #266. Prompt up sentence, “He looked overworked at only half past noon.” Photo by Ghetu Daniel.

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