Welcome to the Night

This is the first time Ali (my 3 yr old) asked me to reread a poem multiple times because she liked it. This poem is from a lovely book called Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night by Joyce Sidman and beautiful artwork by Rick Allen. The poem she likes is called Welcome to the Night.


Sunday Trees #321 010718 & Haiku

thoughts of warm days and
verdant trees fuel fortitude
on a frosty night

– On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea’s Sunday Trees #321 – January 7, 2018. I wrote a haiku for this day as well. Photo ©2018 Leara Morris-Clark.

Nothing to Fear but Fear Herself

She wore a black hood; black as night, dark as death, so she could hide among the shadows in the alley, the blind spots behind lampposts, and in the corners of your room. When your heart missed a beat, and your breath wouldn’t come, know that fear had stolen them for herself.

Art Skull Demon Abstract The Eyes
– Written for Sacha Black’s Writespiration #110 52 Weeks in 52 Words Week 14. Prompt was “the girl that wore the black hood.” WC 52. Photo from MaxPixel.


On Golden Shores

Golden glowing of distant shores
Guides the oaring toward something more
Through the silence of the night
Rhythmic waves lap with delight
Carry on for something more
Hope lies ahead on golden shores

– Written for Pix To Words Pic And A Word Challenge #76. Word and photo prompt. Word prompt was “golden”. Photo prompt by Patrick Jennings.


Waves lap beneath. Meteors rain. An unassuming girl in an unassuming house extends an inhuman mind across galaxies to a long forgotten home.

– Written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales #18. Photo prompt. CC 140. Photo from Pixabay.com.


From Down Below

In the night, stars dance above like fireflies
Swirling, creating shapes before my eyes
In my dream, I join them in the skies
Soaring amongst heavens, I seek my prize
Dreams, I shall not, from the ground realize

Constellations by C. Antieau

– Written for Jane Dougherty Writes, Poetry challenge #50: Fifty. Poetry format: 5 lines of 10 syllables, rhyming last words. Image prompt from Wikimedia.

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