A Shark is a Shark is a Dolphin

“Shark!” Shouts the pale, floppy tourist as he stumbles to the shore,
Followed quickly by several more –
Panicking, clamoring, seeking solace sands,
Clearly from a landlocked state with no knowledge of the sea –
The lifeguard tries to calm the crowd
but to no avail –
“It’s a dolphin,” he sighs amid the exodus,
Drops his hands and stands aside
to watch them flail

The prompt is “the exodus” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 5, National Poetry Month 2022.


Carpe Diem’s Crossroads Haiku 031518

Solitude and sand
mix with salty ocean breeze –
Winter dreams of spring

– Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s Crossroads haiku. The object is to fuse two haiku together to form a new creation. The two original poems and explanation are here.



Waves lap beneath. Meteors rain. An unassuming girl in an unassuming house extends an inhuman mind across galaxies to a long forgotten home.

– Written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales #18. Photo prompt. CC 140. Photo from Pixabay.com.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Looking Through a Window


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Looking Through a Window. Photos ©2016 Leara Morris-Clark.



Reflections on waves,
Glitter sprinkled ‘cross the sea –
Sunrise, like magic,
Gifts a new day of hope and
Untold possibilities

– Written for Silver’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge #2. Word prompts were “magic” & “glitter” or synonyms of those. Photo by Armando Maynez


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