I Stand At The Gate

I am a guide, for the passing, through the veil between our two worlds.

At the gate of Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, GA

I do not weep for those whose earthly vessels resting here beneath the soil. I weep with those souls left behind.

I am a guide, for the passing, through the veil between our two worlds.

I stand guard, to offer reassurance to those weakened by loss and to remind them that this temporary abode is but a moment in time.

My shuttered eyes demonstrate to visitors that this is a place of rest and not a place to fear. I represent the peace and stillness their loved ones now possess.

I hold fast to that which exemplifies strength in adversity and reconciliation in death. The cross that I lean upon is the key to unlocking the door to spiritual ascension.

Welcome to all who enter. May you know comfort here.

– Written for dVerse Poetics, prompt was “the voice of the sculpture.” Photo ©2010 Leara Morris-Clark.


Old Timer

I’m missing hair that used to be there. I comb over what little I have to hide the shine. I’m missing teeth so I can’t eat beef. I smile less to mind the gap. I’m missing time. I miss my mind. Sometimes words are hard to find. I’m missing peace though I mostly sleep. I’m missing the memories I wish I could keep. When I forget what I should be concerned about, old age isn’t so bad. Sometimes, I miss missing what I had.

– Written for 99 words. Word prompt was “missing.” WC 84. Photo from Wikipedia.

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