Campfire One: Fall Twenty Twenty Two

I have a poem included in the inaugural Campfire Poets publication. Check it out! Drive-thru Lightning

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Hotel air conditioners are the worst
Always on the fritz
Give it a little kick
That might do the trick
Maybe it’s just the economy rooms
The ones that I can afford
Life of a salesman
Death of a salesman
Do you want to buy an encyclopedia?

The prompt is “air conditioners are the worst” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 8, National Poetry Month 2022.

A Shark is a Shark is a Dolphin

“Shark!” Shouts the pale, floppy tourist as he stumbles to the shore,
Followed quickly by several more –
Panicking, clamoring, seeking solace sands,
Clearly from a landlocked state with no knowledge of the sea –
The lifeguard tries to calm the crowd
but to no avail –
“It’s a dolphin,” he sighs amid the exodus,
Drops his hands and stands aside
to watch them flail

The prompt is “the exodus” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 5, National Poetry Month 2022.

I’m Not A Fossil

Dusty, creaky, ancient
But I still got my moves
Maybe a little slower
My hips don’t lie though
Sometimes they cry
And maybe I roar like a dinosaur
Climbing over the hill
Archaeologists think I’m a pretty good find

The prompt is “dancing with a dinosaur” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 4, National Poetry Month 2022.

Twenty Dollar Sundress

Twenty dollar sundress
In the second-hand store
Ironically sun-faded in the window by the door
A little pricey if you ask me
Since it’s already seen its heyday, for sure
The clerk says no discount though
even though I made my case
I’m doing it a favor, I say
Another day in the sun on a Sunday
At the ladies’ luncheon, that’s the place
I’ll say grace with one eye open and a smile upon my face

The prompt is “twenty dollar sundress” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 3, National Poetry Month 2022.


Crumbling earth
Seeking first
The kingdom and our worth
Buried deep
Beneath our feet
Growing restless
As it festers
The seed
Of our destruction

The prompt is “broken birth” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 2, National Poetry Month 2022.

Sacred Mundane

Bite, burnt my tongue
Caffeinated lava flowing
Toward my soul
Accursed awakening
Gas station coffee
Morning ritual

The prompt is “gas station coffee” from Maria Giesbrecht @theguelphpoet on Instagram. April 1, National Poetry Month 2022.

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