Tuesdays of Texture: 2016 Week 46

– DE MONTE Y MAR’s Tuesdays of Texture: Week 46. Photos ©2016 Leara Morris-Clark.



Purple Dahlias

Purple petals abound.
Some were even on the ground.
These flowers that bloom in summer
Are welcome sights to a newcomer.
They make a visitor want to stick around.

– Written for Limerick Challenge Week 22. Prompt was Color. Photo from Pixabay.com.

Route 42

rainbow-prompt-purple_42Singing along to Purple Rain, I accelerated to maximum speed. The inconspicuous purple brick wall dissolved as I broke through the portal. I slid onto the landing pad before the song ended. Welcome to Alia Terra, home sweet home.

– Written for Shapeshifting 13 #51 weekly writing contest. Color purple & photo prompt. WC 39. Photo by dancsecs and modified. “Route 42″ was awarded 3rd place winner in this contest.

Purple & Red

Today, I will commit our departed Prince to the heavens.

I took over the family business. Some think it’s morbid. I don’t see it that way. Everyone dies and for the dead it isn’t sad. We mourn their absence, and then I orchestrate the send-off.

Since the first Mars Royal Colony, my family cared for the dead. Today, I will commit our departed Prince to the heavens.

The prepared body is loaded into the chamber. I shuttle it into the atmosphere. The people gathered below appear as ants.

I set the timer and pull the release launching the casket. The explosives detonate, and fireworks light up the dark of space.

I watch purple rain shower down on the red planet.

– Written for Microcosms (17). Prompts were Astronaut/Purple Rain/Drama. WC 110. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


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