In The Eyes Of The Law

Paper can’t give validation
Not from station
Neither from rank
Nor sum in bank

Our validity is within
To our chagrin
Views from some sting

A framed marriage certificate
Is terrific
But can’t define
Your love or mine

– Written for Miniature Writing Challenge #52. Prompt was “paper.” Poetry form is Minute Poem. Photo from Zazzle.

Inclement Affair

It would be an expensive investment the man said, but well worth it for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Todd found himself in later years a lonely man with no family or friends, and so he resorted to a mail-order bride website.

Yana didn’t speak English well and didn’t care to learn, so their communication was shoddy at best. She was fairly attractive but quite abrasive.

He was calm and easygoing and found that they didn’t have much in common.

Todd considered himself a reasonable man. He did his very best to provide for his unappeasable wife. He was a florist, and he took great pains to create beautiful bouquets that he would bring home to her because it was the one thing that seemed to put a smile on her face, if only briefly.

She complained a lot about most things and in time, Todd began to feel overwhelmed and uptight, feelings that were not familiar to him.

One night he came home and Yana was especially unhappy about something, he wasn’t sure what, but she was going on in Russian interspersed with the few English words she’d picked up from watching television. She said something about flowers and an iceberg, which made no sense to him.

Todd took an evening stroll to the pub to have a few drinks. He came across a gentleman offering excitement and adventure. Travel the world by iceberg, he said and make friends with sea creatures, while relaxing away from the bustle of city-life.

Under the circumstances, Todd thought this sounded wonderful. It would be an expensive investment the man said, but well worth it for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Without mentioning anything to Yana, he sold his shop, cashed out his account, and left by the end of the month.

He was never heard from again, but giant flower ice sculptures have been seen floating across the Atlantic.

– Written for Microcosms 24 weekly contest. Related to water with prompts Florist/Iceberg/Mystery. WC 296. Photo by Jim Cox.