I Changed My Mind

I once said I thought distance was best.
I needed to think, to plan, to test.
My mind changed in no time.
I asked you to be mine,
Now history has archived the rest.

Our wedding day, October 13, 2007.
– Written for dVerse Poetics: Pentimento. In honor of up upcoming Valentine’s Day, I wrote this little (loose) limerick. Photo by Brett Clark ©2007. Edited by Leara Nicole Morris-Clark ©2018.



Burnt Toast

The smell of burnt toast permeated the air between us. The smoke detector blared in case I wasn’t aware our relationship was going down in flames.

– Written for Grammar Ghoul Press Shapeshifting 13 #91. Photo prompt. WC 26. Photo by Rick Warren.

Not The Only One

I missed the cue
Guess you thought I knew
I had my eyes on you
But didn’t see
You weren’t looking at me
I should’ve paid more attention
Guess you forgot to mention
Your intention
I had no clue
I wasn’t the only one

pexels-photo-14303– Written for dVerse Quadrille #20, prompt was “cue.” WC 44. Photo from Pexels.com.

On a Park Bench in the Spring

Remember when we met in spring,
Everything began anew.
We watched the flowers bloom.

Along with the flowers, we felt our love bloom.
The rain cleansed our pasts in spring.
We welcomed this season anew.

We learned to live anew.
Petals and our hearts opened in bloom.
We will always have that spring.

We sat on that bench again in spring admiring each other anew, hoping to bloom.

Early spring in Central Park by Cornoyer

– Written for Jane Dougherty Writes, Poetry challenge #47: Spring in the park. Image prompt and “Spring in the park.” Poetry form Tritina. Painting by Cornoyer.

Misplaced Trust

The ring you gave as a symbol of trust,
My tears have now turned to rust.
Your feelings were fake, along with the ring,
Nothing more than some cheap ass bling.
Though I had love, it seems you only had lust.

– Written for Limerick Challenge Week 35. Prompt was “trust.” Photo from Wikimedia.


I thought about you today
and how you used to smile
when I’d say your name
and call you baby.

I put those memories
away in a jar with your
name on it in case you
want them back, maybe

Baby, or maybe not.

– Written for dVerse Quadrille #14, prompt was “jar.” WC 44. Photo from Pexels.com.

Binary Expectations

Which of you is the man?

Photo from lesbian-geek.tumblr.com.

– Written for Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge #42. Prompt was “offensive.” WC 6. Photo by David Goehring. “Binary Expectations” won 3rd place in this contest.


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