A River Flows

A river flows into the streets

Blood flows from weakened heartbeats

A dry and fragile earth gets the rain it seeks

It comes and does not cease

Asylum seekers seeking peace

Find floods of hateful policies

And resistance pouring into the streets

Tears pouring from fears growing and rights deceased

A river flows into the streets

Its ebb and flow a forced release

It will not be stopped or policed

Until it meets its destiny

– Written for Pix To Words Pic And A Word Challenge #75. Word prompt was “river”. I did not use the provided photo prompt. This Photo is from Wikipedia.


Injustice fuels revolution. Resistance begins tonight.

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– Written for Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge #65. Prompt was “rage.” WC 6. Photo by Wall In Palestine on flickr.


We The People

Resistance for a cause
Go the distance for a cause
Reject compliance
Refuse reliance
On unjust laws

Stand up for the weak
Defend the meek
Speak for the oppressed
And distressed
Be the voice they seek

Abandon a system that’s broken
Politicians say they have spoken
For you but their interests are more valuable
And that comes down to capital
Don’t fall for their cheap tokens

Resistance for a future
Go the distance for a future
Reject obedience
Proceed with expedience
From your mindlessly imposed stupor

– Written for Pix To Words Pic And A Word Challenge #47. Word was “resistance.” Image from Pixabay.com.