A River Flows

A river flows into the streets

Blood flows from weakened heartbeats

A dry and fragile earth gets the rain it seeks

It comes and does not cease

Asylum seekers seeking peace

Find floods of hateful policies

And resistance pouring into the streets

Tears pouring from fears growing and rights deceased

A river flows into the streets

Its ebb and flow a forced release

It will not be stopped or policed

Until it meets its destiny

– Written for Pix To Words Pic And A Word Challenge #75. Word prompt was “river”. I did not use the provided photo prompt. This Photo is from Wikipedia.


Blogging U Photo Challenge: Water

Charles River, Waltham, MA

– Written for WordPress Blogging University, Photography: Developing Your Eye I, Day 3: Water. Photo ©2016 Leara Morris-Clark.

Spring Forward

Wood frogs sing of spring
Salmon run when rivers thaw –
Daylight Savings dawns

– Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s Carpe Diem #1049. In memory of Jane Reichhold. Prompt was “fish and frogs.” Photo from Wikipedia.



Autumn sun glistens
On the shiny polished stone
Ceaseless river flows

– Written for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #112. Word prompts were “River” & “Stone” or synonyms of those. Photo from Wikimedia.

Midday Walk

The ducks and geese played tag in the afternoon sun as it sparkled across the river like diamonds.

– Written for Day 24 of Awake August 2016, 31 Days of Mindful Writing in the form of Small Stones (concise daily observations) from Writing Our Way Home.


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge 081716

Walnut Street Walking Bridge, Chattanooga, TN

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – August 17, 2016. Showing the ways people move from one place to another on land. Photos ©2016 Leara Morris-Clark.


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