Spring’s Ambassador

The sight of your unfurling leaves
Many shades of green
And newborn buds beginning to form
Is a bittersweet welcome to Spring

You bow your boughs
In the breeze waving a forgiving farewell
To the last remnants of a harsh winter
And instinctively stretch your enduring limbs
Toward the warm nourishing sun

It’s your time to follow through
With your seasonal obligations
You flourish center stage
And carry out your devoir with pride

As you excitedly cast your pollen on the wind
A choir of sneezes applauds your performance
And bid a bittersweet welcome to Spring

– Written for WordPress Blogging University, Intro to Poetry, Day 9: Landscape, Apostrophe. Photo from PublicDomainPictures.net.

Today Is A Hot Day But Not Nearly As Hot As Yesterday

Leaves fall and sweet death is beautiful but temporary.

Today is a hot day but not nearly as hot as yesterday. I’m waiting for a cool breeze to signal it’s time to change. Change is easy but not. You have to pay close attention when the wind blows or it’s easy to miss. Leaves fall and sweet death is beautiful but temporary. When they cover the ground like a soft blanket, it is inviting but not so soft. The sun reflects off the windowpane and the glare disrupts my view but it is only temporary. The cloud cover makes it clear and I see a man with an umbrella but there is no rain. He walks, dragging his feet through the various colors but not noticing, nor does he notice my gaze. I wonder what he thinks of the weather today. A rustling in the tree above draws my attention. A bird calls. The sun and the man and the bird do what they do and do not bother to stop because I see. Today is a hot day but not as hot as tomorrow unless it changes.

– WC 179