Sacred Secret


Sacred Secret

Born broken in the dark of night
Her desire, a brilliant blue fire,
To drink of the cool morning
And kiss the champagne sky.

She longed not for fools or men,
But the red-hot, velvet-soft embrace of an angel
Made her heart throb a wild rhythm
And a fever linger on her lips.

– Written for Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge – September 10, 2016. Learn more about magnetic poetry here.



You steal my breath
and hold my life within your grasp.
I fear my heart should burst
with the lack of you.
My blood flows
at your touch,
exposing me for all that I am.
Your light shines upon my face
and uncovers my sin.
no longer conceals
that which is despised –
within the shadows hidden.
My skin trembles
as your breath
reveals my humanity.
I long for you to discover –
unveil me before you.
With your departure,
you undo me.
My secret belongs to you.
To wither in the sunrise
is a deserving sacrifice
for the gift of
your ambiguity.
I choke on my confession
and you dare not hear it,
for I am destined to depravity.

– Originally published in 2004. Subsequently published in SickLit Magazine 4/28/2016.

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