Nothing to Fear but Fear Herself

She wore a black hood; black as night, dark as death, so she could hide among the shadows in the alley, the blind spots behind lampposts, and in the corners of your room. When your heart missed a beat, and your breath wouldn’t come, know that fear had stolen them for herself.

Art Skull Demon Abstract The Eyes
– Written for Sacha Black’s Writespiration #110 52 Weeks in 52 Words Week 14. Prompt was “the girl that wore the black hood.” WC 52. Photo from MaxPixel.



Mundane Monday Challenge #66: Learn Photography

This is an up-close photo of a radiator. I enjoyed the decorative design along with the shadow and highlights.


– PhoTrablogger’s Mundane Monday Challenge #66: Learning Photography. Find the beauty in the mundane. Photo ©2016 Leara Morris-Clark.

My Childhood Curfew

Shadows elongate in the setting sun and reach for me by moonlight. I narrowly outrun their gangling arms thrashing wildly, as the porch light illuminates my escape.

tree-1229526_1920– Written for The Daily Post, daily prompt “shadow.” WC 27. Photo from

The Shinigami

I catch sight of the grotesque apple-stuffed smile of a roasted pig.

I hear waves crash beyond my sight. The clouds briefly hide the moonlight darkening my view. I turn toward the luau.

The flickering firelight dances with shadows and illuminates the feast. I catch sight of the grotesque apple-stuffed smile of a roasted pig. It looks guilty. I watch tourists help themselves to the fare.

A familiar, soothing breeze gently envelops me. I hear my name inside my mind, inaudible, it chills and comforts. The hairs on my arms stand up though my body relaxes.

Swirling shadows merge. A dark, faceless being reaches out a shadowy limb and takes my hand. The Shinigami, my love, pulls me deeper into itself.

– Written for Microcosms (11) though I missed the deadline. Prompts were Shinigami/Luau/Romance. WC 109. Photo from


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