Long Hidden Until at Last

the setting sun gives life to shadows cast
from secret places
creeping forth from the past
the setting sun gives life to shadows cast
darkness comes revealing fast
heads hung low with hands on faces
the setting sun gives life to shadows cast
from secret places

“Night Shadows” an etching by Edward Hopper, 1921

– This is a Triolet poem. Photo from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Tracks

Watching the past pass away with its lights and shadows, I leave it all behind. I leave them all behind. Down these tracks, a new life waits.

– Written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales #15. Photo prompt. CC 140. Photo from Pexels.com.


Song of the Banshee

The screaming banshee howled through the night.
We cowered in the shadows to hide from the fright.
She rages on, for death she sees.
We hold our breath, close our eyes, and freeze.
Someone wouldn’t see the morning light.

– Written for Limerick Challenge Week 37: Dark. Photo from Wikipedia. “Song of the Banshee” was awarded 2nd place in this contest.


The sun shines through the leaves and makes its way to my window. The breeze moves branches and clouds casting playful shadows on the windowpane. I watch through blinds, safe from the heat, and I appreciate innovative invention. My window is a frame holding the artwork of nature for my enjoyment.

– Written for Day 14 of Awake August 2016, 31 Days of Mindful Writing in the form of Small Stones (concise daily observations) from Writing Our Way Home.





friendly shadows whisper to me
in the blue moonlight

I am drunk on the sweet smell of
your skin like honey and summer rain

I cry at the sun
recalling my worship like a dream

– Written for Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge #4. Learn more about magnetic poetry here.

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