I Stand At The Gate

I am a guide, for the passing, through the veil between our two worlds.

At the gate of Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, GA

I do not weep for those whose earthly vessels resting here beneath the soil. I weep with those souls left behind.

I am a guide, for the passing, through the veil between our two worlds.

I stand guard, to offer reassurance to those weakened by loss and to remind them that this temporary abode is but a moment in time.

My shuttered eyes demonstrate to visitors that this is a place of rest and not a place to fear. I represent the peace and stillness their loved ones now possess.

I hold fast to that which exemplifies strength in adversity and reconciliation in death. The cross that I lean upon is the key to unlocking the door to spiritual ascension.

Welcome to all who enter. May you know comfort here.

– Written for dVerse Poetics, prompt was “the voice of the sculpture.” Photo ©2010 Leara Morris-Clark.


The Nature Of Things

She loved the scent of raw earth and admired the power of nature.

14327160041_fb3d09a0be_kThunder rumbled like marching giants and a lightning bolt set the sky ablaze. She leaned in, closed her eyes, and inhaled deeply smelling the aroma of roses mixed with dirt and imminent rain. She loved the scent of raw earth and admired the power of nature.

The rose bushes on Martin’s unmarked grave had grown immensely in a relatively short time. They helped to hide the sadness of loss with their thriving spirit.

It was two years passed, on another stormy night, when the Goddess decided Martin was not meant for this world. Alone, she screamed with the raging storm as his lifeless body emerged. Far from town and with no friends or family to speak of, she mourned unaccompanied and processed her grief as her tears fell with the pouring rain.

Martin’s father had gone off to sea before he knew she was with child and had not returned, so alone she buried his little body and planted roses to give him life after death.

She reconciled with the earth and accepted the necessary balance within the universe. Though she could not fully understand the plans of the Goddess, she recognized that there was an order to it all, beyond her comprehension.

The rain finally began to fall. She sat by the rose bushes on the damp ground with legs crossed. She hummed a tune and ran her hands through the soil as she turned her face toward the sky and let the cool liquid wash over her. Alone she praised the Goddess and felt her heart at peace.

– Written for YeahWrite.me Weekly Fiction|Poetry Writing Challenge #268 Inspired by Prompt up sentence “She closed her eyes to smell the phlox.” WC 260. Photo by Geoff Livingston“The Nature of Things” won 3rd place by popular vote in this contest.

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