Mourning Machinations

After Rose’s untimely death, most days were spent in his workshop, while the rest of their Victorian country home went to ruin.

He pulled the decorative fabric from his creation, folded it and placed it on a nearby chair.

James then took a chain and key from around his neck. He inserted it into the keyhole turning it over several times. He replaced the chain safely tucked in his shirt.

For a moment, he listened to the flesh heart encased in her glass chest.

He flipped the toggle on her neck and smiled as the clockwork began to rotate. Her mechanical eyes flung open allowing him to see endless possibilities.

– Written for Microcosms (16). Prompts were Millionaire/England/Steampunk. WC 110
Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


Meating Ms. Steak

“The apples taunted me.”

“What brings you here, Bernerd?”

He began, “The doctor said I have high cholesterol, could have a heart attack, told me to stop eating meat. I love meat!”

He paused and looked at the group leader. His eyes widened when he saw a T-bone steak sitting across from him.

“Go on, Bernerd,” The steak insisted.

He hesitated. “I’m a cop working security at the Steampunk Fair. I was on break so I decided to bob for apples. The apples taunted me.”

He continued. “I think not eating meat is bad.”

“What do you think?” Ms. Steak asked the group.

The apples surrounding Bernerd bobbed up and down in sympathetic support.

– Written for Microcosms (13). Prompts were Cop/Fair/Steampunk. WC 110
‘Meating Ms. Steak’ was named honorable mention for this contest.

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