Published In Haiku Journal Issue #44

 Haiku Journal

Mystery Haiku

shadows stretch long arms
underneath the dripping sun

– First time publication in Haiku Journal Issue #44. June 1, 2016. Photo from
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Building A Family

Mother Nature and Father Time had a Sun. They also wanted a daughter. They built mountains of sand and rock, planted forests and flowers, and watered them with rain. Lakes and ponds formed in the footprints left behind. They called her Earth.

– Written for Weekly Writing Challenge #262 Question Prompt “Who cares?” WC 42

Poor Judgement

The molten sphere materialized.

Overwhelming heat caused me to feel feverish.

The solar flares reached out in an undulating motion, retreating and returning closer each cycle.

The pull from its center forced me to realize the gravity of my lapse in judgement.

– Written for Weekly Writing Challenge 261 Question Prompt “What’s on fire?” WC 42
Photo from NASA in the Public Domain.