Still Small Voice

A murmur from the crowd —
Raging awful sound

Cold and bold, growing louder
Stoked by fear uncontrolled —

Shouts of doubters who were sold
False narratives
Foretold —
Impending doom

Imperative truth among raucous
A still small voice still speaking veracity
To those who will listen

– Written for dVerse Quadrille #85, prompt was “voice.” WC 44.


What Was With That Poem I Once Wrote?

My heart spilled out in words I could not say —
Written with blood dripped from thorns of disapproval,
On petals plucked with
Wishes, that destroyed the flower but at least —
They fell in a pleasant pattern at your feet.

Things not visible on my face —
Or maybe so if you ever thought to look,
If you ever cared to, if you ever dared to —
We could’ve written a book, a collaborative effort
To make a space for people like me.

A picture painted of love and lust and passion and mistrust —
Despite the time I imagined we spent together,
Somehow I crawled like an ant up a sand dune during a monsoon
Unrequited, though I told myself undecided —
As if I had a choice.

Emotions that I could not explain —
Obsession, compulsion, depression, despair
Laid waste to the page, my soul laid bare,
My depravity displayed, codified there —
For your condemnation.

– Written for Poets United Midweek Motif: Writing Poetry. Why Write Poetry? and/or What Is Poetry? Consider limiting yourself to addressing one poem rather than generalizing.
The poem I referenced for my response is called Depraved. It was the first poem I ever had published.

How Stanislavski Reinvented the Craft of Acting | a short film | Haiku Review Challenge

The Method

emotions flow free
actor and character merge
imparting their truth

– This was written for the secret keeper’s Haiku Review Challenge. The prompt is to write a review of the short film in haiku form. Click through to read more “How Stanislavski Reinvented the Craft of Acting.”


Truth revealed, barring entrance. Sweat trickled.

Lazarus in Heaven and the Rich Man in Hell by Cornelis Bos, circa 1510-before 1556

– Written for Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge #53. Prompt was “Heaven.” WC 6. Photo from Wikimedia.


De Facto

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Dig deep inside the darkness.
Dare to divulge the demon, deep-seated
On the throne, throwing tantrums,
Wailing within the walls, wishing
For freedom from the façade.
Telling the terrifying truth.

– Written for Prose Challenge of the Week #29. Prompt was “humanity/inhumanity” using alliteration. WC 30. Photo from and edited.



desperation tears through the veil of reason
that so valiantly fights to disguise despair.
logic retreats and fear commands acknowledgement.
fatal weakness gives the darkness rule.
reigning over trembling lies,
disease destroys the false calm
and rage releases its fury
as truth plunges deep into the soul
like the mortal blow of a poison tipped sword.
the sharp blade cuts cleanly and precisely
through thin attempts to save a dying deception.
drops of reality flow with determination
from a gaping wound.

– Originally published in SickLit Magazine 4/28/2016.

Depraved / Truth / Gently Carefully / And Love Remains – by LEARA MORRIS-CLARK

So excited to have some of my poetry published in SickLit Mag today!



You steal my breath

and hold my life within your grasp.

I fear my heart should burst

with the lack of you.

My blood flows

at your touch,

exposing me for all that I am.

Your light shines upon my face

and uncovers my sin.


no longer conceals

that which is despised –

within the shadows hidden.

My skin trembles

as your breath

reveals my humanity.

I long for you to discover –

unveil me before you.

With your departure,

you undo me.

My secret belongs to you.

To wither in the sunrise

is a deserving sacrifice

for the gift of

your ambiguity.

I choke on my confession

and you dare not hear it,

for I am destined to depravity.


desperation tears through the veil of reason

that so valiantly fights to disguise despair.

logic retreats and fear commands acknowledgement.

fatal weakness gives the darkness rule.


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