Carry Me Home

Twilight casts its shadow
Upon the open door
Colors swirl on gentle breezes
Winter comes once more

Day shutters to its end
Last light crawls upon the shore
Where ships wait to take us home
When no spark remains,
We close the darkened door

Sunset over the Golden Horn by Ivan Aivazovsky

– Written for dVerse Quadrille #19, prompt was “spark.” WC 44. Photo from Wikipedia.


Twilight is nigh.
Seeking soaring stars; wandered, though
Twilight is nigh.
When I saw your cobalt eyes cry,
Without a sound, I pondered so.
The gift it seems, I squandered, oh!
Twilight is nigh.

Riddaren_rider_by_John_Bauer_1914– Written for Jane Dougherty Writes, Poetry Challenge #40: Rider. Painting prompt by John Bauer. Word prompts were “star, gift, wander, soaring, cobalt.” Poetry form is a Rondelet.